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Should You Wear A Bikini or a Monokini? - Tonia Ryan


Should You Wear A Bikini or a Monokini?

The debate is out about who should wear a bikini or not. Should you wear a bikini if your over 40? Should you wear a bikini if you have a couple extra pounds to lose? Should you wear a bikini because your not tan?

Well, I have an answer to all of those questions.

Living in South Florida I wear a bikini 50% of my life. I designed the greatest bikinis in the world that all the celebrities are wearing and I think everyone should be able to wear a bikini. Yes I said it, EVERYONE!


(Shown Above, "Baywatch Babe" Donna D'Errico styled by me and featured on Inside Edition for her Body Transformation Makeover)

Check out my bikini wearing tips below:

The number one most important tip I can give you when you're wearing a bikini, is confidence. Confidence is key. If you walk out on the beach or to the pool, in your bikini, and you feel confident in what you're wearing, people will notice.

If your hair is long, you definitely want to be rocking your flowing locks. I like to start out my day at the pool or the beach with my hair down, and then I'll put it up in I twisted ponytail on top of my head so my hair does not get wet.

At the end of the day I'll take the ponytail out and I have natural beach waves. Super sexy and flowing.

No matter what length your hair is, you want to make sure you have it conditioned very well. If you have shorter hair this is a perfect time to put a conditioning and moisturizing mask in your hair so when you're bathing out in the sun you condition your locks so you have soft, smooth and silky hair for later on that night!

this is the number one reason why ladies don't want to wear a bikini. They do not have a tan yet. Yes, it is so important to have some sort of healthy glow on your skin. Some people don't like to tan and like to avoid the sun, and this is OK. But there are so many self Tanners out there that there's really no excuse to not be tan anymore.

Plus, when you are channel or where in self tanner, it makes your flaws seem to disappear.

whether you're a fan of waxing or shaving, one of them has to be done for sure. If you're wearing a bikini, absolutely no hair can be showing whatsoever. Make sure your legs are as silky smooth as possible, groom the bikini line girls , and don't forget about shaving your under arms.

Exfoliators are great to use as well to get rid of the dead skin and show off your fresh smooth skin.

OMG, the dreaded question we ask everyone! Do I look good in a bikini?

(The Greatest Bikinis In The World)

Look ladies, we all have flaws. That's just the way it is. All we can do is be The best version of ourselves.

Everyone has their own opinion about how they look in a bikini. If you're not comfortable wearing a bikini, that's the only time I would say that you should not wear one. Because no one wants to feel uncomfortable or have a bad day at the beach simply because they feel they don't look good in that bikini.

I feel that no matter what age you are, what ever size you are, if you feel good in a bikini and you want to wear a bikini, then buy all means rock that Bikini in a big way!

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