Oprah's Cleavage at the Oscars


If any of you watched this last weeks Oscars, then you had to of seen Oprah Winfrey. There's no way you could have Missed her!

Oprah was sporting massive cleavage at the Oscar and I was so impressed. All the years I have watched Oprah Winfrey on TV, I have never seen her show her cleavage off the way she did at this last Oscars ceremony! It was amazing!

The funny thing too, is that none of the fashion editor's were even talking about it Oprah or her cleavage. It's the first thing I noticed and all I've been talking about it ever since I've seen it.

To show cleavage or not to show cleavage has always been debated. There's the ultraconservatives that think showing cleavage is just absolutely disgusting and tasteless. But I completely disagree. I feel there's a time and place for cleavage and how much or how little you should be showing.

As a celebrity and personal stylist, I help people make this decision every day. First off, it totally depends upon the dress, the outfit and the occasion. Oprah was wearing an Elizabeth Kennedy New York Women's Tux.

The way that some designers cut the dresses, there's nothing you can do about it and cleavage is going to shown. But it totally depends upon where you're going to wear the dress and if it's appropriate or not.

I am a super huge fan of super sexy looks. But I also know when and where cleavage should be shown.

For example, I was just dressing a reality TV star, and the dress she wanted to wear was a little low cut. Because she was so busty it made her cleavage look as if she was showing off way more than the average girl. But it was just the cut of the dress. It looked amazing, and it was nothing that was too over-the-top considering the type of TV show it was and the circumstance surrounding the episode.

So we both made the choice together, and she went for it. I'll let you know later on how high the ratings are for that episode.

Now, if she was going to dinner with her husband's boss and his wife, I would've told her no way! You're absolutely not wearing that dress. You still want your husband to have his job on Monday, right?

All I know, is cleavage is in my friends. If Oprah can sport her cleavage like she did at the Oscars, we all can support our cleavage! And I'm going to!

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