After Partnering With Mama June, All My 2017 & 2018 Designs Are All Sold Out


Mama June on the set of Extra wearing an Inance "They Think I Care" Top

Yep, you read that right! My 2017 and 2018 women's clothing collections are completely SOLD OUT!

It's so exciting yet scary because there is nothing left in stock for my customers!


Mama June wearing Inance Faux Fur Jacket and Distressed Boyfriend Jeans by Reality Tv & Celebrity Stylist Tonia Ryan

Back in 2017 I styled Mama June Shannon for her weight loss transformation and TV reveal. Millions of people watched WETV every Friday night and could not believe June's transformation. Her hit reality TV show, "Mama June From Not To Hot" became the new #1 reality TV show and highest rated TV show for WETV ever!"


Mama June & Night Club Club Owner Tonia Ryan

I have known June for years and have been friends with her ever since the day we met. I was partners in a very successful nightclub and I booked June to appear at my club. It became worldwide national news. Every media outlet in the world was talking about June's appearance at my club and the night she arrived there was paparazzi everywhere! IT was amazing and we all had so much fun!


June casually strolling the streets of NYC in my Inance Maxi and Faux Fur Hoodie

I also created my own lingerie and bikini line at the time I owned my nightclub and I quickly branched out into a full fashion line.


I sent June a few of my designs after her weight loss transformation simply because I knew she needed some new clothes after loosing so much weight.


June at the Growing UP Hip Hop Red Carpet Premiere

June loved all my designs, styles and fabrics and her manager, Gina Rodriquez, reached out to me about partnering with June for my new clothing collection. I said yes of course, as June is a perfect fit for my brand. This was in April of 2017. It is now January 2018 and everything is completely sold out!


Mama June featured on The Dr Oz Show in a Casual Inance Tunic Top

Yes this is amazing and I am overwhelmed at everyones positive response but now I am sold out of everything and I have nothing left for my clients to purchase! Your probably saying to yourself, just buy new inventory and put it up on your website! Well, if it were only that easy!


Mama June and Honey Boo Boo both styled by me for Entertainment Tonight

I created the Inance brand of clothing over a year and a half ago. I choose the styles, fabrics and even the designs. It took me over a year to create my first collection. I am super picky when it comes to the fabrics and this is one of the hardest things to source. I had no idea everything would sell out as fast as it did!


I styled Mama June and Honey Boo Boo in matching stripes for US Weekly, Inside Edition and Good Day New York

So now I am back to the drawing board and getting ready to create my 2019 collection! I will be traveling the world this year to find the best fabrics for you all!


June and Alana are both styled by me wearing my Inance Faux Fur and Queen Me Top

To my current customers, thank you so much for your support and if you are a new customer please check back with us soon to see our upcoming collection!


I will still be offering my personal styling and working with celebrities, realty tv stars and of course everyday women. This is my favorite thing to do. I can still help you find the best brands and styles that look amazing on you even though I am sold out of my brand as I now work with all brands!

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